The Riverbend Community League is the Heart of old Riverbend, representing the communities of Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay Heights and Rhatigan Ridge.

 Leadership Through the Looking Glass

Harry Ainlay, J. Percy Page, McNally, M. E. Lazerte and W. P. Wagner Schools will be hosting over 1100 student and advisor delegates for an entire week of keynote speakers, workshops and activities.  The theme is Leadership Through the Looking Glass.  Every morning of the conference begins at Harry Ainlay. In the afternoons we will go to M. E. Lazerte on Wednesday, W. P. Wagner on Thursday, and McNally on Friday.  Every evening the delegates to return to Ainlay to meet their billet families.


Unfortunately, they are still in need of billet homes for 250 students!  Would you please invite your friends who live in Southwest Edmonton to host two student delegates?  The details for hosting are found at cslc2018.studentleadership.ca   If any staff are able to help us, then please ask them to register today!  


Thanks for supporting us and these student-leaders from across the country in our hour of need!


Billeting FAQ


Thank you for considering becoming a billet host family for CSLC 2018, September 25-29!  

Here’s what’s involved, how to register, and some frequently asked questions…


  • Accommodation for at least 2 students (more if you are willing!) 
  • Provide a bed/air mattress for each student and suitable personal privacy
  • Breakfast each morning: Wednesday to Saturday
  • Lunch and family time with billets on Saturday afternoon
  • Transportation to and from Harry Ainlay each day: 
  • Provide a police record check (free of charge) for all residents 18 years and older


What you need to know for CSLC 2018…..


Tuesday, September 25 – Pick-up 9:30pm

Wednesday, September 26 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 9:30pm

Thursday, September 27 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 9:30pm

Friday, September 28 – Drop off 7:45am & Pick up 10:30pm

Saturday, September 29 – Drop off 7:45am, Pick up 12:00 pm for time with Billet Host Families, Drop off 4:00pm @ Delta Hotel and Pick up 10:00pm @ Harry Ainlay

September 30 – Drop off according to students travel plans, Host Family Pancake Breakfast at Harry Ainlay


  1. Call Student Advisor as needed: exchange name(s) & cell numbers when you meet
  2. Call Billeting Chair:  Perdeep Dhillon (780) 242-1745  


Q:  How many students can I host?

A:  You must host at least 2 students, but you are free to host as many students as you can house and transport comfortably!

Q:  Does each student require their own room in my home?

A: Students can share a room, as long as each has a bed or air mattress to sleep on (2 students may share a double bed or larger) and rooms are gender specific.

Q:  Can I carpool my students to and from the conference with another host family?

A:  Absolutely! Carpooling is fun, earth-friendly, and will ease traffic flow at the conference site.

Q:  Can my child drive the billets to school in his/her vehicle?

A:Yes. As long as a volunteer driver form has been completed and signed by the parents.  Billets may also walk, or take public transportation with your child.

Q:  What is expected for the host family lunch and activities on Saturday afternoon?

A:  Please provide your students a simple lunch and some enjoyable activities, at home or in the community, that will allow students to become more familiar with your family and our community.

Q:  I provide a police record declaration to my employer each year.  Do I still need to have a Vulnerable Sector Check done for CSLC?

A:  Yes. All residents of the home age 18+ require a Vulnerable Sector Check for CSLC

(current within the past 6 months). EPSB will provide this service for CSLC volunteers free of charge.

Q:  What is a home visit? 

A:  A representative from the conference will come to your house for a short visit to see the  accommodations for the billets. When you agree to become a billet an appointment will be made at your convenience for this visit. 

Q:  How do I contact my billet’s advisor? 

A:  When you meet your billets for the first time, it is strongly encouraged to meet their  advisor and exchange contact information. 

Q:  If I am unable to contact the student’s advisor, who can I contact?

A:  The billet chairs, Perdeep Dhillon and Jamie Johansen, will be able to answer most  questions and provide support for any billeting problems. 

Q:  I don’t have teenagers in the home (empty-nesters, families with small children). Can  I still billet? 

A:  Absolutely! Host families can have teenagers in the home, small children, empty nesters or no kids at all.  The common denominator is a desire by the host family to provide a great experience for the billet. 

 Q:  Our family has dietary restrictions (kosher, vegetarian, halal),  will this be a problem? 

A:  No, we have many student billets who will have similar restrictions and we try very hard to match these students up with families with similar requests so there will be no need to alter your families meals that week. 

Q:  I have further questions about being a host family at CSLC 2018, who should I  contact? 

A:  Please contact our billeting chairs about becoming a billet host family:

Perdeep Dhillon                                     Jamie Johansen

perdeep.dhillon@epsb.ca                    jamie.johansen@epsb.ca


Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested in this experience.

It takes a whole community coming together to offer authentic hospitality and showcase our region.



As this event is created as an outdoor event, and after much deliberation, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel this Saturday's event due to the cold and wet weather forecast.

We would like to thank everyone that worked so very hard to organize this event and spent numerous hours planning and making Art in Our Park the community wide event that it has been since 2010. We’d also like to thank the community members that volunteered to work the various shifts throughout the day. We look forward to having your support in 2019.

Thank you to all the amazing artist, performers, and musicians who share their incredible talents with us each year. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge and send a big thank you to all of our Partners, Community Partners and Sponsors who generously donate to our event and share our passion for bringing the arts and community together.

The Art in Our Park Committee is excited to create the same event next year and hope Mother Nature will be kinder.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. We're all very disappointed, and we will keep you up-to-date for Art in Our Park 2019!




 Discounted City of Edmonton Attraction and Recreation Centre Passes Available

Riverbend Community League has been able to obtain a limited number of these great passes. They will be sold to those who live within the RCL boundaries, and are purchasing a 2018-2019 membership. 

Passes that are available:

Valley Zoo                            

Family pass -  $30                                                         

Adult pass -   $10                                                                     

  Child pass -   $4

City of Edmonton Rec Centres, all facility admission                                                                           

 Family: $20                                                                                                                                                     

 Adult:   $8                                                                                                                                                 

 Youth/Senior: $6                                                                                                            


*There are a limit of 5 passes per new RCL membership number. Hurry in to purchase your new membership to take advantage of this great offer. They will be on sale while supplies last.

Please note: We will only accept CASH for these passes. There is no GST.  The passes all expire December 31, 2019 and re-sale of the passes is prohibited.



 Tennis Playing Opportunity

While the Riverbend courts are now closed, Brookview has graciously offered all current Riverbend Community League members the opportunity to play on their courts. With the purchase of an associate membership (20$), you have full access! The TRAC office at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre has these for sale if you are interested.



With the snow now gone, an assessment was done of the Riverbend Community League courts. It has been determined that due to further erosion of the entire court surface this past winter season, both the tennis and pickleball courts must be permanently closed in the interest of safety.  

We are building a capital plan and determining where the courts fit in terms of priority and community need. If you would like to be involved in this process or perhaps with the court refurbishment (when we get there), please contact us at info@riverbendonline.ca.

Thank you.


   Riverbend Community League now has an Organizational Membership

for the Edmonton Tool Library.

For current RCL members, you can now borrow tools, much like books, at no cost.

For more information, click on the logo                 






Edmonton Servus Credit Union Branches selling league memberships

You can now buy your community league membership from any Servus Credit Union branch in Edmonton! 
The EFCL will continue to sell memberships online or locate the Edmonton Servus branch closest to you! You are still able to buy your membership directly from the league.

 City of Edmonton Recreation Centre benefits for Community League Members



Riverbend Community League

Riverbend Community League is comprised of four unique neighbourhoods. Over the next few months, historical naming of the four areas that comprise Riverbend Community League will come to life. The names of parks, streets, and boundaries will be told. This will help us understand what it used to be like to live at places like Ramsay Park, Brookside community, etc.
Please read on and enjoy!

Rabbit Hill Road is our southern border.

It runs from Terwillegar Park southeast to Terwillegar Drive.
Did you know that early settlers, dating from the end of the 19th century, named the road that runs through this area Rabbit Hill. There are prominent hills in the area and wild rabbits were abundant. The Rabbit Hill School District was established in 1895. The name became official in 1979.

Terwillegar Drive is our eastern border. It runs from north of the exit on the Whitemud Drive, south to the intersection of Rabbit Hill Road.

Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar (1887-1948) was a pioneer surgeon and general practitioner who owned property in this area for a number of years. He practiced in Edmonton from 1912 to 1947 and for over 35 years was on staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Terwillegar served as president of the Edmonton Academy of Medicine and the Alberta Division of the Canadian Medical Association.

Information is gathered from the book ‘Naming Edmonton: from Ada to Zoie’.
It was developed and compiled by Historic Sited Committee, Edmonton Historical Board.