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The Riverbend Community League is the heart of old Riverbend, representing the communities of Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay Heights and Rhatigan Ridge.


The league is flourishing as it strives to meet the changing needs of the people who live and work in the community. As the southside of Edmonton continues to grow rapidly, the Riverbend Community League is taking on the unique challenge of blending a “small town” community with its partners and friends in the neighbouring areas by providing first-rate facilities and enticing programs, and aligning itself with advocacy services regarding issues that affect its residents.


For a statement of our core values, our top priorities, and our key strategies, see:

Managed Meanderings: The Way Forward for Riverbend Community League.


Volunteers make things happen in these neighbourhoods. The league is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to enrich the lives of the people in their community.


To contact the league, please call (780) 437-7108, or email We look forward to hearing from you.



What's in a Name

What are the stories behind

neighborhood names in Riverbend?