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One Mural – Hundreds of Paintings

Riverbend Community League Celebrates 50th Anniversary 


Riverbend Community League has an inspiring history of community engagement. Our valued community members participated in painting an image on a 4” x  4” tile – their own personal artwork – for inclusion in the mural. The completed mural is mounted and permanently displayed at the Riverbend Community Centre at 258 Rhatigan Road East. 

Our community mural reflects the many facets of our vibrant and diverse community. Come see the tiles and think about what you love about living or working in our beautiful community. What are your favourite Riverbend Community League events or programs? How do you and your family spend your leisure time? What makes your neighbourhood special or unique?

Our mural reflects the imagination, heart and soul of our community. Our members have engaged with us at community events and fundraisers and have helped us to build parks and playgrounds, skating rinks, and community gardens, all of which are reflected in this mosaic art project.

Thank you for your contributions, you have helped us build community!