Rink Status (3/18/23): Rinks are now CLOSED for the season.

Skating in Your Neighbourhood

Sharpen those blades and enjoy some winter fun with friends or family at our community’s Brookside Rinks! Skating is free with a community league membership – just wear your skate tag! We offer two rinks, one for shinny hockey and one for social skating (no sticks/no pucks).

Please note: Rinks are dependent on volunteers. If you are interested in joining the rinks team as a volunteer, please reach out to info@riverbenonline.ca.

**Your Community League Membership and Skate Tags are valid for skating at all Edmonton Community League Rinks, including at nearby Brookview and The Ridge Community Leagues.

Rinks are subject to the weather and will be closed if temperatures are above 0 or below -25 with wind chill.

Brookside Skating Rinks

Brookside Rinks are located at 53 Ave. & 143 St. just south of Brookside School.

  • Attended hours and concession will be posted here if they become available.
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for all skaters, and are mandatory for minors under the age of 18
  • No smoking around the skating areas
  • Community League membership and skate tags are required to use the rinks
  • No pucks sticks or sticks allowed on the West rink

Just a reminder, when the temperature climbs above 0 degrees centigrade we close and lock the rinks to ensure that no one is injured when the ice gets soft. 

For Private Rink Rentals, contact the RCL Office: 780-437-7108 or E-mail info@riverbendonline.ca 


Rink Rentals must be booked, through the rink manager, at least seven days in advance of the desired rental date. All rink rentals require third party liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00, naming Riverbend Community League as an additional insured. In addition, the full address needs to be listed on the insurance documents. Brookside Hall & Rinks, 5320 – 143 St., Edmonton, AB

You may not reserve rink ice without a rental contract in place.

The rinks will be closed in extremely cold weather (-25°C, which includes wind chill).

For your safety, all children and youth are required to wear helmets.

Our Brookside rinks are owned, built and maintained by the Riverbend Community League! Please purchase a membership and support your league!

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