Welcome to the Brookside Rink Off-leash area! Monday to Sunday 7am to 9pm

The Brookside Rink Off-leash area is open for summer 2024! Visit the WEST rink with your pups Monday to Sunday from 7am to 9pm to enjoy this space. A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who made this off-leash area happen. Please follow the rules and keep the rink clean so we can all enjoy it.


  • Off-leash is only permitted INSIDE THE WEST RINK and always keep the door closed.
  • Dogs must have a valid pet licence and display a licence tag issued by the City of Edmonton.
  • Your dog’s behaviour is your responsibility. Please keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Dog defecation must be picked up and put in appropriate waste containers.
  • Users of this space must carry a leash for each dog in their care.
For Off-leash use only
Bylaws 13145 and 2202 are enforced in this area.
For information or maintenance concerns, contact info@riverbendonline.ca or 780-437-7108.

Skating in Your Neighbourhood

Sharpen those blades and enjoy some winter fun with friends or family at our community’s Brookside Rinks! Skating is free with a community league membership – just wear your skate tag! We offer two rinks, one for shinny hockey and one for social skating (no sticks/no pucks).

Our Brookside rinks are owned, built and maintained by the Riverbend Community League! Please purchase a membership and support your league.

Please note: Rinks are dependent on volunteers. If you are interested in joining the rinks team as a volunteer, please reach out to info@riverbenonline.ca.

**Your Community League Membership and Skate Tags are valid for skating at all Edmonton Community League Rinks, including at nearby Brookview and The Ridge Community Leagues.

Brookside Skating Rinks

Brookside Rinks are located at 53 Avenue & 143 Street, just south of Brookside Elementary School.

Use at your own risk

● For your safety, all children and youth are required to wear helmets

● Children should be supervised by a responsible adult

● No fighting, pushing, checking, foul language or high sticking

● Individuals displaying unsafe or inappropriate behaviour on or off the ice will be asked to leave

● No alcohol, cannabis, smoking or vaping

● No eating or drinking on the ice

● Follow all current public health guidelines

● The Community League assumes no responsibility for the actions of individual and/or group users

● The Community League reserves the right to revoke privileges from any person who does not follow rules, shows unacceptable conduct, or for any other just cause

● No pucks sticks or sticks allowed on the West rink

Rink Closures

When the temperature climbs above 0 degrees centigrade we close and lock the rinks to ensure that no one is injured when the ice gets soft. The rinks will also be closed in extremely cold weather (-25°C, which includes wind chill).

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