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The Dirty Hands Diary, Vol. 1

Just like the life forms below the surface, volunteers work in symbiotic harmony
By Margaret Milner

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Riverbend Gears up for Summer

Community League Day, gardening and flag football all on the agenda
By Miep Raedschelders, President, Riverbend Community League

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The Beauty of Biking

Urban design that encourages cycling can make us happier, healthier, safer and more connected, all while being kinder to our shared home.

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Fitness and Fun at the TRAC Annual Community Run

Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers, and of course to everyone who came out to celebrate community!
By Sue Trigg and Karin Shott

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Kihcihkaw Askî Ready to Go

“Sacred Land” is a place for Indigenous culture and ceremony, and an ongoing act of reconciliation
By Michael Ganley

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Green & Gold Springs Back to Life

The volunteer gardeners at the Green & Gold Community Garden, on the University of Alberta South Campus, are making plans for our fifteenth gardening season! The garden is an initiative of the University’s School of Public Health and Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. The garden is totally volunteer-run and we have benefitted from the generosity of many supporters through donations.

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The Play’s the Thing

Live theatre was one of the many casualties of COVID, but a determined teacher at Riverbend Junior High School and his students are revitalising the art form with six performances of Beauty and the Beast JR in April.

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Jewellery by Design

When Lawrence Brendel was young, he was fascinated by coins, but not just with coins as a measure of value; he was curious about the metals they were made from, the gold, silver, copper and more. He pursued that interest through apprenticeships as a goldsmith with several jewellers in Edmonton, learning the art and craft of cutting, filing, hammering, turning, spinning, bending and casting gold. In 1990, he joined Forest of Jewels, which at the time was in Heritage Mall and, not long after, he and his wife Janet bought the business.

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